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This pictorial library is devoted to the recording of "Uniform and Kit" issued to a Soldier from New Zealand of any corps, during the Second World War. Consider it a virtual "Q" Store in New Zealand militaria. It is not exhaustive and will be added to over time. Any reader who wishes to contribute photographs and text will be recognised and credited with such information. I also invite collectors of other nation's militaria to forward content (please see our other countries listed on the drop down menu) - so that a comprehensive list of "Axis" and "Allies" uniform/kit is detailed.


Jerkin Leather No. 2 (Manufacturer's tag)

The manufacturer's tag from this particular Leather Jerkin; showing the size (to fit a height of 5' 7" to 5' 10"). It was produced by Maple & Co. Ltd of London in January of 1945 and bears the Government "Broad Arrow" mark.

English Bristle Brush - 1940

A close up of the English Bristle Brush. The manufacturer details of H.B & Co. can easily be discerned alongside the date of manufacture, being 1940. Should you 'left click' on the picture, the enlarged image shows traces of "lint" which supports the suggestion that this type of brush was used to maintain the appearance of clothes and uniform. Please contact the Medals Gone Missing Administrator if you can assist with any information regarding this item.

English Clothes Brush

This warranted bristle brush, made by 'H.B & Co.' was purchased in England during 2005. The date of manufacture is stamped '1940'. In the absence of any residue shoe polish (boot polish) or other leather type dressing; the possibility that it may be a brush used for the polishing of footwear - may be ruled out. It is possible that this brush may have been used for the removal of "lint" and dust from uniforms. Perhaps of the type used by an officer or 'batman' to a Commissioned Officer; to maintain the appearance of tunics, trousers etc. I would be interested to view any comments by other collectors from England or elsewhere, on this issue. As this item may have been issued (or purchased) by any other member of the British Commonwealth, it has been included amongst the kit for other nationalities. (Image courtesy of the Kokoda Historical Collection)

House Wife (Sewing Kit) New Zealand

A khaki cotton 'House Wife' (Sewing Kit) issued to a New Zealander during the Second World War. It appears that this particular piece of kit may have belonged to a veteran of the North African campaign; due to the presence of an 'Africa Star' ribbon bar. Apart from the standard, spare plastic buttons and cotton/woollen thread - this hold all also contains some Sergeant stripes (rank chevrons) - some overseas service chevrons and some New Zealand epaulette flashes. Three spare brass tunic buttons (2 x large tunic buttons and 1 small pocket flap type) are also present. Wish to know more about these type of brass buttons? Please visit our ARTICLES OF INTEREST page for the story titled "A Lonely Relic" . Image courtesy of MILITARIANZ (A New Zealand based militaria website)

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