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This pictorial library is devoted to the recording of "Uniform and Kit" issued to an Australian Soldier of any corps, during the Second World War. Consider it a virtual "Q" Store in Australian militaria. It is not exhaustive and will be added to over time. Any reader who wishes to contribute photographs and text will be recognised and credited with such information. I also invite collectors of other nation's militaria to forward content (please see our other countries listed on the drop down menu) - so that a comprehensive list of "Axis" and "Allies" uniform/kit is detailed.


Woollen Puttees (Alternate Manufacturer - N 96)

A similar set of puttees, but from a different manufacturer in New South Wales. The fact that these two sets of puttees are almost identical; and yet from different manufacturers - shows a consistency in the standard as set down by the Department of Defence. From the perspective of the modern collector, even this item (which was once found in plentiful surplus supply) are becoming harder to source. A surge in Military re-enacting during modern times, has seen many of these surplus puttees actually cut up, to make reproduction pugerees for slouch hats.

Woollen Puttees (Ink Stamping N 309)

A pair of Khaki Woollen Puttees, made by yet another manufacturer within New South Wales. Essentially, they are identical to the other two examples - however these ones were manufactured by the company with the code N309 during 1944. The variation in the colour (although a slightly lighter shade) when compared to the other examples is mainly due to the camera. (Image courtesy of the Kokoda Historical Collection). Do you have a pair of puttees in your collection from a different manufacturer of those displayed here? If so, please send us an electronic image and so that we can collate the many different textile manufactures during the War Years.

Pattern 37 Gaiters

Pattern 37 Gaiters, with leather straps. The Government Department of Defence acceptance stamping (D - broad arrow - D) is evident; along with the date of manufacture which is 1945. The numeral '1' indicates the size. These gaiters simply wrapped around the ankle so that the trousers were tucked inside and the top of the boot was covered. Whilst suitable for general service wear, these type of gaiter were virtually useless in jungle conditions and discarded, in favour of the U.S. pattern of legging. As with the jungle, they were equally ineffective in prevent sand from entering the top of the boot in the Western desert. Hence many troops preferred the woollen 'puttee' or leg wrap which is listed in this inventory. A pair similar to this was issued to NX124445 Captain John William HOUGH who served in Darwin with N.T. Force and the 56th Infantry Battalion, AMF. These are in the Kokoda Historical Collection with his uniform.

Pattern 37 Gaiters (Non Leather Straps)

A different version of the Pattern 37 Gaiters. Whilst the manufacturer is unknown, they are dated 1942 and the numeral '1' is an indicator of the size. I have seen photographs of British, Canadian and Australian troops - wearing this type of gaiter. A pair of gaiters similar to this (but with brass tabs on the end of the straps) were issued to NX115723 Corporal Franklin George HOLLANDS who served with the Lae Fortress Workshops AIF. These are in the Kokoda Historical Collection with his uniform.

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