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One Down, Three To Go - Missing Medal Back With The Family of Edward FINK

On the 3rd of December, 2009 - the Medals Gone Missing organisation purchased a tarnished and much neglected, 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal from a numismatics dealer on ebay. This medal was accompanied by two miniatures consisting of the 1939-1945 War Medal and the 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal. Whenever the funds become available - Medals Gone Missing will enter the ebay arena and purchase any medal or item of militaria which is selling cheaply. If a medal or other item is successfully purchased, it is hoped that recipient's family may be located and this newly acquired war medal, returned to the family at cost price.


IMAGE LEFT: The 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal of QX28732 Private Edward Montague FINK flanked by the two miniature medals. As can be seen, the medal was heavily tarnished. So much so, that the inscription of his name could not be seen until the edge was carefully cleaned.


When this particular medal arrived, it was noted that the tarnish was so heavy, the recipient's name inscribed on the edge of the medal could not even be discerned. Once this portion of the war medal was carefully cleaned, the service number of QX28732 was discovered, along with the name of E.M. FINK who served in the 2/25th Infantry Battalion, AIF.

IMAGE RIGHT: QX28732 Private Edward Montague FINK, 2/25th Infantry Battalion AIF before deployment to New Guinea.


A search was conducted of the World War Two Nominal Roll, which revealed that this soldier - from Lawnton in Queensland. Joining the Second AIF in January of 1942, Edward Montague FINK was posted as a reinforcement to the 2/25th Battalion after this unit had been severly knocked about on the Kokoda Track and Gona. Sadly he was killed in action on the 12th of September, 1943 during the advance onto Lae. The Commonwealth Government War Graves records supported this, indicating that he lay buried in the Lae War Cemetery.

So the hunt was now on to located a direct descendant of this brave soldier and after numerous inquiries, his nephew Matthew FINK of Queensland was located. It was ascertained that the descendants of Private FINK had no knowledge of this Australia Service Medal, nor how it happened to leave the family. Needless to say, they were very pleased to have this missing war medal returned to their home where it was professionally cleaned and brought back to it's original condition.

However, it is a case of "one down, three to go" as Edwards 1939-1945 Star, Pacific Star and 1939-1945 War Medal are still our there somewhere....waiting to be reunited with the 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal. Can you help us to recover these missing medals? If you have these war medals in your collection, or know of their whereabouts - please contact the Medals Gone Missing Administrator so that they too, can be returned to their rightful place.

IMAGE LEFT: Matthew, who is the nephew to Private Edward Montague FINK proudly holds up the war medal - prior to it being cleaned and restored.


An Australian Service Medal & An Act of Generosity - Kenneth BURT

Medals Gone Missing thought that they had seen the last of a certain medal, when they were outbid during an ebay auction in March of 2010. However, just when you thought that chivalry was dead; an act of extreme generosity and kindness has reuniteda 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal ofCorporal Kenneth Eric BURT (19th Infantry Battalion, AIF)with his family. The missing war medal (awarded posthumously)has been returned to his cousin, Elsie Moses and she was bowled over by the goodwill gesture ofthe person who purchased the medal via the online auction site.

Having already composed an articlein April, 2009(on behalf of the family of Elsie MOSES), Medals Gone Missing added a 'listing' for the medals of Corporal Kenneth Eric BURT to the Missing Medals Register. Nearly twelve months later, the 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal was spotted for sale on ebay. This solitary medal is one of a set of four (the 1939-1945 Star, Pacific Star and the 1939-1945 War Medal are still missing). The Medals Gone Missing Administrator contacted Elsie who is on an Aged Pension. An "estimate" of the market price for this type of war medal was made and with a budget in mind, the Medals Gone Missing Administrator was tasked with bidding on behalf of the family. However, the final sale price - way exceeded the maximum bid made for Elsie and the medal was lost.


IMAGE LEFT: Elsie Moses with the 1939-1945 Australia Service Medal of her cousin, NX56118 Corporal Kenneth Eric BURT. He was killed in action during the fighting in Malaya (at Parit Sulong) whilst serving with the 19th Australian Infantry Battalion. Elsie had sat down with Kenneth during Christmas of 1940, whilst he was on final leave. It was the last time that his family would ever see him. Having the medal returned to his family now provides a tangible reminder of one man's service, which cost him his life.

Fearing the worst, contact was made with the seller and a "request" made for him to contact the auction winner. We were bowled over by the extremely generous response from the new owner of the medal. Graham McEWAN from Western Australia had spent a "small fortune" in winning this medal. And without any hesitation whatsoever, he very generously offered to have this medal returned to Elsie immediately. Telephone contact was made and the medal was expediantly sent across the country to Elsie who lives in Sydney. Just to top it off, when Elsie offered to pay Graham for the medal, he flatly refused the offer. Having been in the Militaria business for some time (and having dealt with Collectors for many years) I was totally "blown away" by this act of extreme generosity. It just goes to show, that there are still some true gentlemen in this world.

Graham is a Volunteer Guide at the Western Australian Military Museum and he is a credit to this fine establishment. Well done Graham ..... Corporal Kenneth Eric BURT would be very proud of you !!!


Please Click Here to see the full story of Kenneth Eric BURT

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