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Permit To Board Ships of Leonard POWYS returned to family

Robert POWYS, the son of Leonard David POWYS never guessed that one day, he would be reunited with a piece of military memorabilia which was once issued to his father. The card, issued by the Commonwealth of Australia under the National Security (General) Regulations; gave the holder authority to board ships in Port Kembla, New South Wales during the Second World War.

Leonard David POWYS was an Ambulance Driver during 1945 and no doubt, thought the card 'important' enough to keep it amongst his possessions once hostilities ceased. It appears that the card was amongst his belongings which may have been sold during an estate sale upon his death. A dealer has placed the card on ebay and it was subequently purchased by the Medals Gone Missing team in July of 2010.


IMAGE ABOVE: Robert POWYS, holding the 'Permit to Board Ships' card which was issued to his father during the Second World War.  His daughter Emma said that her father was 'very pleased' to have the card handed to him.  Emma thanked Medals Gone Missing and stated "Thanks for all your work with sourcing this military material, it really links one to both history and family".

In June the following year, Emma POWYS (the grand daughter of Leonard David POWYS) found her grandfather's Permit To Board Ships and purchased the piece of militaria for her father who was very pleased to have it returned to their family. Emma stated that she "stumbled across the card" whilst searching her family name on the internet.

It really is quite rare that something like this has survived, to end up on ebay. Being a cardboard item, even back in its day, it was considered a "throw away" object once the expirey date had been reached. And the person who sold the Permit on ebay would have had little idea that it would end up back with the family of the card holder.

So it is not just missing war medals which can be returned to the family of a serviceman or woman. It is little items of empheria such as this, which can provide us with a link to our past generations and bring joy to one family.

The Murray Pioneer - Stolen War Medals of Harry KATEKAR returned


It was a very happy day indeed, when the Medals Gone Missing Administrator met up with three of Harry Katekar's daughters in Adelaide to return their father's medals.  The three girls; Ann (on left) Margaret (centre) and Jane had travelled some distance in honour of their father - and to be finally reunited with the war medals which were stolen during a break and enter in 1983.  Unfortunately, Harry's fourth daughter Alison could not be there for this occasion, but she sent her best wishes.  

I was over the moon to finally meet the descendants of Harry KATEKAR.  They are wonderful people and their father would be very proud of them.  It is times like this .... when you meet such fantastic and appreciative people, that makes all of this hard work - worthwhile.  Especially when they welcome you into their house like an "old friend" and show you such warm hospitality. 

Jane indicated that both herself and Alison would like to walk the Kokoda Track in the footsteps of their father and they will carry his service medals to Mission Ridge, where the 2/27th dug in and held the Japanese off during the battle for Brigade Hill during September of 1942. 

To read more about Harry Katekar and his comrades of the 2/27th, please Click Here.



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