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War Memorials and Honour Rolls in the Northern Territory, Australia

Would you like to see the War Memorial from your local area, represented on this website.  Please forward us a photograph so that the service of these men and women is not forgotten.

Katherine Bomb Relic

A relic of the Japanese Bombing Raid which took place on the 22nd March, 1942 in the form of a bomb casing. Whilst possible, the likelihood of this bomb casing being the same piece of ordnance which caused the actual crater is slim. More than likely it was a dud which failed to explode and was recovered from nearby.

Tennant Creek

The Tennant Creek War Memorial is off on a back street in Tennant Creek.

Tennant Creek War Memorial

Close-up of the Tennant Creek War Memorial.

Tennant Creek R.S.S & A.I.L.A Gate Guardian

The 'gate guardian' for the Tennant Creek R.S.S. & A.I.L.A. takes the form of a 25 pounder Field Gun.

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