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Medals Gone Missing Site Usage Information


  • Your sale listing will appear for general viewing once your submission has been processed by the "Medals Gone Missing" administrator.
  • This may take between 1 and 3 business days.
  • If you have a genuine desire to have the medal or item of militaria returned to it's righful owner or their next of kin, then "Medals Gone Missing" will help search for this family.
  • The "selling" facility is an alternative option to listing your sale on an auction website. Here you may state if the sale will be to a certified FAMILY MEMBER ONLY.
  • You can remove your listing at ANY time.
  • If you sell your medal through this site - a very small administration fee may be applicable. (Consult your "Medals Gone Missing" administrator to clarify if you are exempt from this fee)
  • It is a very rewarding experience to return lost medals OR militaria - back to a Serviceman, Servicewoman's or their family.

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  • It was common practice - especially during the Second World War - for Servicemen and women to mark items of uniform or pieces of equipment with their name and/or serial number.
  • Once hostilities had ceased and this equipment was classed as surplus - it made it's way to Army Surplus stores and now it turns up at flea markets, Arms & Militaria Fairs or On-line Auction sites.
  • This field shows you what items are on the market and who was issued with that item during Military Service.

If it is MILITARIA that you wish to sell i.e. a piece of uniform or equipment with a name and/or serial number on it, be sure to select "OTHER MILITARIA" which is in the MEDAL TYPE drop down box. Here you have the ability to insert photographs of the item of MILITARIA that you wish to sell or re-unite with it's family.

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  • Once this listing has been processed by the "Medals Gone Missing" Administrator, it will appear in the MISSING MEDALS field. This generally takes between 1 to 3 working days.
  • If a SELLER has already listed this medal or medal group as "wanting to sell", you may find this by putting your enquiry into the ADVANCED SEARCH box and hitting "enter".
  • If you have a match up, please contact the MEDALS GONE MISSING ADMINISTRATOR. Arrangements can then be made to purchase the medals (or have them returned to you).

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